The Mickey Weiss Fellowship at the Hartman Institute

Each summer, through the generous support of Edna Weiss and her late husband Mickey Weiss, alav ha-shalom, the Board of Rabbis and the Jewish Federation are able to send two rabbis and their spouses to participate in the Shalom Hartman Institute’s Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem.

At the Seminar, rabbis of all denominations from North America, Europe and Israel engage in intensive Jewish learning. The program combines intensive hevruta study, lectures, discussions and a tiyyul designed to enhance the effectiveness of rabbis as educators and spiritual leaders.

Reflections from Weiss Fellows of 2019:

Rabbi Daniel Mehlman –

“For years I listened to lecturers from the Hartman institute and was greatly enriched, this past summer my wife and I were able to finally go for the two summer weeks of learning thanks to the Weiss fellowship. The experience was amazing, everything was so well thought and prepared, from the printed materials to the tiyulim and, of course, the shiurim, with one theme one would think that some things will repeat themselves, that didn’t happen, every moment was an extraordinary journey through the Torah of every person that participated. We left with the sense that we had a most enriching learning experience of a lifetime, for that we are eternally grateful. I would go again and again if I could, and if you have a chance, embrace it.”

Rabbi Michele Paskow –

“Having the opportunity to study at the Hartman Institute this past summer was a deeply profound experience. I have wanted to attend for a long time and this year, through the generous Mickey & Edna Weiss Scholarship, was able to. The whole RTS program was fantastic – from the excellent scholars, to the new, interesting people I met as chevruta partners, to the tiyul to experientially see and learn about our topic, to the food and even the overall organization of it all. I highly recommend becoming a part of the RTS program. This is a wonderful way to recharge your Rabbinic soul and be uplifted by the joyous spirit of so many rabbis learning together. This is a unique program with top-notch teachers and relevant topics and texts.”

Reflections from Weiss Fellows of 2018:

Rabbi Sarah Bassin –

“My experience at Hartman was both pluralistic and spiritually relevant. I have used resources gained from the Hartman Rabbinic Torah Study program through the Weiss Fellowship not only to inform what I share with congregants, but also as spiritual guidance in my own rabbinate. Future years of Hartman study will surely have poignant texts and topics to study.”

Rabbi Ahud Sela –

“The two weeks that I spent studying at the Hartman Institute was the best learning experience that I have had since finishing Rabbinical School. I used a lot of the teachings from Hartman in my sermons in the weeks following the seminar and on the High Holidays. I would highly encourage every Rabbi to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.”

Reflections from Weiss Fellows of 2017:

Rabbi Ed Harris and Rabbi Jason Fruithandler

Reflections from Weiss Fellows of 2015:

Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe Bernhard and Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei

Reflections from Weiss Fellows of 2012:

Rabbi Jon Hanish and Rabbi Nancy Myers