Interreligious Action Center

Based in Los Angeles at the Board of Rabbis of Southern California, the Interreligious Action Center serves as a center for interfaith engagement and action within the religious community of Los Angeles, which is home to large numbers of Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, Evangelical and Mainline Protestant churches, dioceses, faith leaders and adherents.

The IAC is deeply rooted in our multi-faceted city, and serves as a model for interfaith engagement throughout the nation and world.

The IAC participates in the Interreligious Council of Southern California, the Los Angeles Council of Religious Leaders, the State Advisory Committee on Institutional Religion, and Faith Communities for Families and Children. We co-sponsor seminars and conferences such as the Fuller Theological Seminary/Board of Rabbis Pastor-Rabbi Seminars, and Troubling Tradition: Wrestling with Problem Passages with the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding of Sacred Heart University.

The Interreligious Action Center will strengthen awareness and support for Israel, and for peaceful coexistence with its neighbors, in non-Jewish faith communities through interfaith programs of religious education, advocacy, media relations and study missions.

The IAC led a highly successful ten-day Religious Leaders Mission to the Vatican and Jerusalem in 2008, with clergy and leaders from the Jewish, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist and Muslim faiths. Photographs and participants’ reflections on that mission may be found here.

The Center will promote a balanced, nuanced image of Israel to judicatory leaders, clergy, educators, seminarians, lay leaders and other members of non-Jewish communities.