Need A Rabbi

The Board of Rabbis of Southern California is a membership organization dedicated to the professional and spiritual growth of its members.  We do not have rabbis available for life-cycle events or pastoral visits in health care facilities or correctional institutions. 


If you are looking for a rabbi for a funeral, contact the mortuary taking care of your funeral arrangements. 


Otherwise, we encourage members of the Jewish community to affiliate with a community that fits their lifestyle and religious practice. Contact the rabbinic body of the specific denomination -- Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, or Reform -- you are interested in for more information.


In addition, there are rabbis from independent and transdenominational seminaries and associations you may wish to seek out: Academy for Jewish Religion/CA, Hebrew College, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah/International Rabbinic Fellowship.


If you are seeking financial assistance or social services, please call 877-275-4537.