iEngage Project Video Lecture Series

The three Video Lecture Series from the iEngage Project of the Shalom Hartman Institute bring the excellence of Hartman scholarship directly to your congregation.

Providing relevant, contemporary approaches to the most urgent challenges facing the Jewish people today, the lecture series enriches the adult learning experience for you and your congregation. The series are only part of the entire iEngage Project curriculum and programs.


Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Video Lecture Series "Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" explores one of the most divisive issues affecting the Jewish people today.

Through the study of Jewish narratives about Israel and the unpacking of the complex meanings of peace in Jewish tradition, participants are invited to explore the ideas and values that animate different attitudes toward the conflict and how these values shape their own political understandings. Though a common political platform may not be attainable, this course strives to achieve a shared respect for our differences.


Tribes of Israel: A Shared Homeland for a Divided People

The Tribes of Israel: A Shared Homeland for a Divided People, the second iEngage Video Lecture Series, confronts the challenge of creating a Jewish and democratic public space in the modern State of Israel—a shared common space for a people divided along “tribal” affiliations: religious, ideological, national, and geographic.


Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship

The Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship video lecture series, now in use by hundreds of synagogues and community groups across North America, focuses on the critical questions facing world Jewry with regard to Israel.